NEBOSH Diploma


A NEBOSH Diploma gives holders an internationally-recognised and respected health and safety qualification, which is specifically intended for health and safety advisers and practitioners.

A number of universities accept a NEBOSH Diploma as part of any pre-requisites for MSc programmes, and the amount of work required means that previous health and safety qualifications such as NEBOSH Certificate qualifications are highly advisable before signing up to undertake a NEBOSH Diploma.

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NEBOSH Diploma Qualifications

There are no hidden extras to pay on top of our health and safety training course prices, unlike other providers who charge extra for things like study books and exam fees. All of our NEBOSH Diploma courses have the following included in the course cost:

NEBOSH Diploma
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NEBOSH Diploma
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NEBOSH Diploma
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NEBOSH National Diploma

For those interested in health and safety training, NEBOSH Diploma courses are probably the most comprehensive and demanding of qualifications available. With a NEBOSH-recommended self-study time of 225 hours on top of the training, the NEBOSH National Diploma is a course which requires a high level of dedication and commitment to put in the work required to achieve the Diploma, and so will not be suitable for everybody.

Along with the 225 hours self study, our NEBOSH National Diploma courses are run over 35 days with 3 optional revision days. Amazingly, some training providers offer the NEBOSH Diploma as an e-learning or distance learning course. Whilst this is an extremely difficult way to learn for any health and safety training course, having to sit in front of a computer screen for the equivalent of 35 days is an extremely tough ask. As well as this, without the support of the course tutor in the room to discuss matters and ask questions, there is a real danger of going off at a tangent and doing 225 hours of self study which may not be appropriate. We have lost count of the number of people who have wasted money by going down the e-learning route with someone for a NEBOSH Diploma or other health and safety course and have had to abandon it and re-book on a classroom based course. For such a comprehensive course like a NEBOSH Diploma, classroom learning is by far the most preferable over distance learning or e-learning.

The NEBOSH National Diploma provides the core health and safety knowledge which underpins the competent performance of an occupational health and safety practitioner. Holders of the NEBOSH National Diploma can use the letters "DipNEBOSH" after their name if they wish to.

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NEBOSH Environmental Diploma

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Environmental Management is aimed at those who are required to advise on the environmental impact of their organisation.

It is also designed for those who are tasked with the management of environmental risk and complying with any applicable environmental legislation, along with implementing effective environmental management systems.

Holders of the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma will be able to advise their organisation on the environmental impacts of their activities, on their legal obligations and the means of continuously improving their environmental performance as part of an integrated management approach.

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