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Why Are Our NEBOSH General Certificate Pass Rates Better by Not Linking to Standard Exam Sittings?

What are NEBOSH Standard Exam Sittings?

NEBOSH accredited courses and qualifications such as the NEBOSH General Certificate require delegates to sit and pass assessments at the conclusion of the training in order to demonstrate that they have acquired and retained a sufficient level of health and safety knowledge to achieve the qualification in question. Rather than handing them out to anyone who attends, the prestige attached to and associated with a NEBOSH qualification is due to the fact that only those who have worked hard both during the course and in the exam preparation and revision needed will score highly enough in any written and practical assessments to achieve it.

NEBOSH hold four examination sessions every three months in March, June, September and December where candidates taking the course with health and safety training providers who cannot or will not pay to hold their own examination sessions can attend.

Does Every Health and Safety Provider Put Their Students on NEBOSH Standard Sittings?

No. Larger health and safety training providers such as ourselves can pay for the privilege of calling our own examination sessions at our own training venues at any time of the year. Ideally these are scheduled immediately after the course has finished, and is a significant reason for the often much higher pass rates than those achieved by smaller providers whose delegates have to wait for the standard exam sittings.

Why is a Candidate More Likely to Pass a NEBOSH Exam by Not Attending a Standard Sitting?

The answer to this question is because of the length of time between the person finishing the training and taking their exams on the subject. As time passes, more and more information is forgotten which the delegate would need in their exam to successfully and thoroughly answer the questions posed. With possible waits of up to three months between the end of the training and sitting the examination, it is easy to see why these candidates will struggle in the exams.

At ATC Risk Management we schedule exams for the conclusion of the course. As an example our NEBOSH General Certificate courses conclude on a Friday and the exams are held on the Monday, which also allows course attendees to spend the weekend revising for the exams. This allows them to go into the exam with the maximum amount of information fresh in their minds and ready to recall.

Examinations are also held at the same premises to where the training takes place, which negates the need for people to have to travel to another location such as they would were they to attend a NEBOSH standard exam sitting. If your NEBOSH course is at our Reading training venue for example, then your exam will also be at that Reading location, not in another city somewhere!

External Candidates on our NEBOSH Exams

We also have limited spaces available on the NEBOSH exam sittings which we call ourselves for external candidates who have not studied with us and need to re-sit or take a particular NEBOSH exam unit. The popularity of our training courses means that these places are extremely limited however so booking well in advance is essential. For more information on NEBOSH Exam only bookings please click here.

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