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Waste Management and the NEBOSH General Certificate


Anybody with a job role which involves waste management or other environmental issues will often opt to complete a NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification as this focuses specifically upon environmental issues and factors which cause a business to have a negative impact upon the surrounding environment. For those who do not have a specific environmental requirement, the NEBOSH General Certificate - information on which can be found by clicking here - also touches upon the subject of the environment and issues like waste management. Whilst by no means as in depth or comprehensive regarding environmental issues as the Environmental Certificate will be, the NEBOSH General Certificate still provides a useful overview of information on the matter.

Waste is a major issue for both businesses and households alike. Businesses in particular are often subject to more stringent rules and regulations due to the larger amount of waste which they produce compared to an individual household. With extremely large fines and possible criminal prosecution a possibility for serious breaches of environmental legislation, managers and employees alike in an organisation need to be aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions so that they can comply with the law for their particular jurisdiction. Whilst finding out, understanding and complying with relevant legislation is your responsibility, a NEBOSH course such as the General Certificate or the Environmental Certificate will provide you and your employees with a good understanding of environmental waste issues and how it can harm and negatively impact the health, safety and wellbeing of life in the vicinity including humans. These courses will also teach attendees the importance and necessity of recycling, re-using and reducing the amount of waste produced by the business, as well as other factors such as the need to segregate certain types of materials to prevent a further health and safety risk as well as the safe and correct disposal of certain hazardous substances and materials.

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