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NEBOSH National General Certificate in Nottingham

If you are located in the city of Nottingham or indeed any of the cities in the surrounding East Midlands area and are contemplating taking the NEBOSH National General Certificate training course then you are in luck. At ATC Risk Management we run the General Certificate at our Nottingham head office training venue every month throughout the year.

Not only does this mean that anybody who lives and is based in the Nottingham area will be extremely close to a NEBOSH General Certificate course, which cuts down in their travel cost, but the fact that they are scheduled and run every month means that delegates do not need to wait a long period of time for the next course to begin. Also, because we do not rely upon the NEBOSH standard exam sittings and are large enough to pay to schedule NEBOSH exams when we choose, our pass rates rates for NEBOSH General Certificate courses are much higher than the national average because candidates go into the exams with the knowledge taught on the course fresh in their memories (in conjunction with the skills of our tutors of course!).

Along with a NEBOSH Diploma qualification, the NEBOSH General Certificate is one of the premier health and safety qualifications available for those seeking to advance their career in health and safety by being more attractive to potential employers, or to advance their knowledge in health and safety matters.

The NEBOSH General Certificate covers a wealth of information regarding some of the most common issues in safety and health such as risk assessments, fire safety, environmental issues, hazardous substances (coshh), manual handling, electrical safety, policies and management systems to name but a few. The General Certificate is, as the name of the qualification implies, designed to provide a general overview of some of the most common hazards and issues regarding health and safety that can be found in most workplaces, as well as other factors such as environmental considerations and potential negative impacts.

Those that successfully acquire the NEBOSH General Certificate will sometimes go on to specialise in a particular area such as fire or construction by taking the NEBOSH Fire Certificate or the NEBOSH Construction Certificates respectively. Those who have successfully passed the NEBOSH General Certificate within the previous five years will not have to re-do the common NGC1 unit and can enrol on a shorter (and subsequently less expensive) conversion course. Please click on the NEBOSH option on the "Courses" tab at the top of the page and view the outlines for the Fire and Construction Certificate courses for more information on this.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate concentrates on United Kingdom law and legislation, and is intended for those whose work will be in accordance with complying with this. For those working for a company in another country which does not fall under UK jurisdiction then the NEBOSH International General Certificate would be more suitable.

To see scheduled dates for the NEBOSH General Certificate in Nottingham, and in our other UK training venues, please click here.

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