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The NEBOSH General Certificate Helps You Identify Risky Behaviour


People are often both the primary cause of an accident or incident and also one of the key factors in preventing such an event too. Just as people are an organisation's greatest asset in achieving objectives such as high levels of sales or fulfilling customer service and satisfaction targets, so too are they crucial for creating a policy of working safely and preventing damages to their own health and safety and that of others nearby. Acquiring a NEBOSH General Certificate will greatly assist in this mission.

In an archetypal place of work there will be a whole, varied range of risks and hazards which can either be caused or made much more dangerous by employees if they have little or insufficient levels of knowledge and training regarding how a situation or task should be completed or handled in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Whilst no health and safety training course will be able to cover every single issue or potential danger, what the NEBOSH General Certificate does provide is one of the greatest amounts of information about common workplace hazards provided by any health and safety course or qualification out there in the marketplace today.

As stated in the opening paragraph of this page about the NEBOSH General Certificate, people's behaviour and their actions or inactions is often one of the greatest contributory factors in whether or not a health and safety incident occurs in the workplace. Therefore being able to identify risky, inappropriate or just downright dangerous behaviour from employees is a crucial component of improving levels of health and safety within the company and reducing the likelihood of someone being killed or injured as a result.

The reasons for the risky behaviour could be due to a number of different factors. The most common reason is a lack of training in health and safety and subsequently a lack of knowledge regarding what should and shouldn't be done for minimising risks and also not actually making a situation worse! If people are never taught then they will not know what to do or not do, which is why health and safety training is so critical for employees.

The other common reason for risky behaviour is a culture of risk taking or cutting corners relating to working safely and following rules, regulations and set procedures. This may actually come from management who do not promote and insist upon a safety culture within the business in order to speed up production and output, or from the employee themselves who may think that rules and procedures are unnecessary and restrictive and that they do not need to bother complying with them. In either case, an accident is far more likely as a result and is why attending a NEBOSH General Course is so important to provide everybody who attends with a thorough understanding of why knowing and respecting health and safety issues, dangers, potential hazards and safe methods of working are so important for reducing the likelihood of an accident happening.

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