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NEBOSH General Certificate and Manual Handling

As manual handling related conditions are amongst the most common reasons for workers to require time off, particularly as they can be brought about through doing tasks in virtually any industry, it is little wonder therefore that NEBOSH General Certificate courses feature manual handling safety issues on the course syllabus.

These injuries and conditions are so simple, quick and easy to bring about from simple actions such as lifting, twisting, pushing and pulling, but often result in the necessity for a long period of absence away from the workplace as the person requires complete rest for the injury to heal. This obviously is not only a problem for the employee in terms of possible financial concerns and boredom from having to sit at home all day (not to mention the pain of the injury!), but will also play havoc with the company's plans as well as costing them money too in all likelihood as they have to bring in cover and possibly pay sick pay to a person who is off injured and so not contributing anything to the output of the company. It is for this reason why companies are keen to invest in manual handling training along with other health and safety training courses as in the long run the amount saved will often be far in excess of the cost of the original training in the first place.

So it is no surprise that those attending NEBOSH General Certificate training will learn about manual handling issues, as the General Certificate aims to provide delegates with an overview of the most common hazards and dangers to the health, safety and wellbeing of people in virtually any industry. To find out about this qualification and other NEBOSH courses, please click on the "NEBOSH" tab at the top of the page for more information.

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