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Manual Handling Training

Introduction to Manual Handling

A major cause of staff absence from the workplace is as a result of incorrect or poor manual handling techniques which lead to ailments such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), muscle pulls and strains, trapped nerves, hernias, work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs) and one of the most common of all injuries... back problems.

Conditions caused or aggravated by poor manual handling vary not only in their painfulness, but also the time it takes for pain to appear. For example, a muscle tear will be felt immediately, whereas other conditions may take a certain amount of time before pain occurs, like repetitive strain injury where a worker can perform a task quite happily for a while before they experience any problems (hence the word 'repetitive' in the name).

Along with the time taken for symptoms to appear, different manual handling injuries take different lengths of time to heal, although it will depend on the level of damage done in the original incident and the amount of time it is given to heal. At one end of the spectrum, a minor muscle pull will heal completely within a few days or so if given complete rest, whereas a dislocation or hernia will take much longer. For some, their injuries may never fully heal, such as a back injury which troubles a person for the rest of their life. This is why it is essential that manual handling injuries, or rather the prevention of them, is not overlooked and is given serious attention when compiling or conducting your company's health and safety training programme.

How to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries occuring

To reduce the risks of manual handling injuries occurring, there are a number of steps that can be taken. As mentioned above, suitable manual handling training will give workers and employees the knowledge to utilise correct manual handling techniques when moving loads in the workplace through lifting, pulling, carrying, pushing etc. Although many people may already believe they know how to lift or move an object, they may not know how to do it correctly and minimise the chances of an injury to themselves. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as well as The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, mean employers have a legal duty and responsibility to ensure that sufficient manual handling risk assessments are performed for manual handling activities so that injuries can be avoided. The results of a manual handling risk assessment may highlight the need for things such as additional or more comprehensive health and safety training, the provision of machinery and equipment to assist with the lifting or moving of a load, re-arranging the workspace so that loads do not need to be moved over as great a distance, splitting the load into separate smaller ones if this is practical etc.

What manual handling training is available?

At ATC Risk Management Services Ltd, we have a number of different options available depending on your manual handling requirements.


Our manual handling e-learning course will cover issues such as describing what manual handling is, manual handling regulations, practical manual handling solutions and the use of mechanical aids.

There are multiple choice questions at the end of each unit. Those who successfully achieve the minimum mark required to pass these assessments are rewarded with a printable certificate.

An e-learning course is ideal for those who cannot get time away from the workplace and do not require a tailored course which deals with specific risks. If you do, then an open course or bespoke/in-house course will be much more suitable for your requirements.

Single License

Individuals looking to take this course can purchase a single user license for £15.00 + vat. Please click the link below to complete the booking form and payment online. Once we have received this we will set-up your access to the course within 24-48 hours and e-mail you your log-in details.

Click here for single license purchase

Multiple Licenses for Businesses

If you are a business or organisation who have a number of employees that you would like to take our manual handling online course, we offer discounts for multiple purchases, with a greater discount amount available the more courses that are purchased. The pricing and discount structure available for mutiple purchase is currently:

  • 2-9 Licenses: £14.00 + vat per license
  • 10-49 Licenses: £13.50 + vat per license
  • 50-99 Licenses: £13.00 + vat per license
  • 100+ Licenses: £12.50 + vat per license

  • Purchasing a business license will grant the buyer administration access from where they can issue log-in usernames and passwords to their employees. This allows businesses to take advantage of the greater discounts on offer even if they do not currently know the names of every individual who will be taking the online course, which is particularly useful if you plan to grant access to employees over a period of time rather than all at once (e.g. getting new starters to complete the course). It also negates the need to fill in a massively long booking form with all their names when purchasing!

    Click here for multiple license purchase

    Open Courses

    A classroom-based course not only provides delegates with a dedicated learning environment which is free from the distractions of home as there is likely to be in an e-learning course, but the support of a course tutor can prove invaluable when it comes to asking questions and clarifying points. It is for this reason that we only provide classroom-based options for the large, comprehensive health and safety training qualifications such as the NEBOSH Diploma or NEBOSH General Certificate.

    We run the following manual handling courses as open courses in the training facilities at our Nottingham head office. Please click on a course title below for more information on each one, along with scheduled dates, cost and place availability.

  • Manual Handling Course

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment

  • Manual Handling Train The Trainer

  • Bespoke and In-House Manual Handling Training

    The above manual handling courses can be tailored to your exact requirements or used as a basis upon which to build a manual handling programme which focuses specifically on the particular loads and manual handling demands on your workers. Having a bespoke course means that your employees receive a much more practical benefit from the training. Our manual handling health and safety courses can even include a practical element so that delegates can put into practice what is being taught under the supervision of one of our experienced course tutors, which can be much more beneficial than simply sitting and watching what should be done.

    We can run it at your premises if you have the training facilities available, or we can run the session(s) at one of our venues.

    Contact Us

    To request a quote or if you have any questions, please call us on 0115 984 9940 or send us an online contact form by clicking on the 'Contact' tab in the top right of the page.

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  • Need an Accredited Course?

    Along with designing bespoke health and safety training programmes, we also run the accredited NEBOSH, IOSH and ConstructionSkills (CSkills) health and safety courses as open courses at selected venues across the UK, as well as in-house for those companies who have a number of employees requiring the training, as it will be much more cost effective than sending them all onto a scheduled open course.

    For more information please call 0115 984 9940 to discuss the options or send us an online contact form. Alternatively, use the "Courses" menu at the top of the page to view the courses and qualifications for the various awarding bodies.