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COSHH Training

Who Needs COSHH Training?

Nearly all workers are likely to encounter hazardous substances to some extent. This is because there are many substances which are hazardous to human health, ranging from minor irritants to potential killers, depending on both the type of substance and the exposure levels. These substances can be waste products produced at the end of a process, cleaning products, dust, chemical ingredients etc. The sheer number of hazardous substances in the world means that organisations in different industries will face different hazards according to the products they produce or the services they provide, and so will have a requirement for COSHH training as part of their health and safety training programme. For instance, a restaurant worker will handle cleaning products, but is unlikely to come into contact with solvents and construction-related substances like a builder would, which will again differ from a car mechanic dealing with hydraulic fluid, oil etc.

What COSHH Training is Available?

Because of this range of hazardous substances and their potential harm, it is impractical to run a COSHH training course as an open course. Although part of it will be applicable, large sections of it will not be relevant for individuals on the course working in different industries and facing different COSHH risks.

For this reason, all of our COSHH training is done as bespoke courses which are tailored to your requirements. A lot of our health and safety training courses such as the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate touch on COSHH to some extent, but for those who are serious about COSHH training for their employees, a bespoke COSHH course is really the only effective way to go.

We have two COSHH training course outlines which can be used as a starting point/template around which to tailor your COSHH training: COSHH Awareness Training and COSHH for Managers and Supervisors. Please click on a title below to see the course outline and content.

Bespoke COSHH Training

"COSHH training is most effective when run as a bespoke health and safety training course for an organisation, which is tailored to the particular substances and risks that their workers face. Attending an open course which tells your workers to store substances correctly and not to spill them is fine, but a COSHH training course which focuses on the correct storage and handling of the actual substances they use, and incorporates the firm's specific health and safety policy and operating procedures will be much more beneficial."

Accredited COSHH Training

As well as our own two COSHH training courses which can be tailored to your requirements, we also offer an accredited COSHH course by way of the British Safety Council (BSC) Level 2 Award in COSHH Risk Assessment. This is also primarily run as an in-house course, but because it is accredited it needs to follow a set course outline. For more details and to see the course outline, please click here.

  • COSHH Awareness Training

    Our COSHH Awareness training course is aimed at employees who deal with hazardous substances on a daily basis, and will give them a sound understanding of their COSHH responsibilities for controlling these hazardous substances.

  • COSHH for Managers and Supervisors

    Our COSHH for Managers and Supervisors course covers issues such as COSHH regulations, practical control measures, conducting a COSHH risk assessment and maintaining appropriate records.